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With the introduction of Biometric voter register, we offer both online and offline registration for your convenience.

The Commission publishes in the Gazette an invite to every person who is entitled to be registered as a voter to apply, during a period specified in the notice, to the registration officer assigned to the divisional register wherein the candidate normally resides.

Registration statistics

Polling stations and poll workers who run them are the front lines of the Ghanaian elections. According to our data, during the 2016 elections, the Electoral Commission and local election officials operated 28,921 polling stations across the country.

The Electoral Commission will continue to capture data and statistics that will help provide a better understanding of electoral processes in the country.

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For you to become a registered voter, you must register at the registration center in your electoral area.

You need an acceptable form of identification (Passport, Driving license, Ghana Card, Existing Voter ID Card or two guarantors) and other personal information for your registration. In addition to your registration, your biometrics (fingerprint and facial features will be captured to complete the registration).

No. You must appear in person before the registration officer at the registration center at the time specified by notice in the Gazette by the Electoral Commission.

Acceptable forms of identification are:

  • National Identity Card (“Ghana Card”)
  • Passport

In the absence of any valid IDs above, an applicant may submit one completed Identification Guarantee Form endorsed by two registrants.

An applicant who fails to present a valid government I.D. will not be permitted to register.

Yes, a person appointed to register voters, a person authorized by the Commission to monitor voters registration, or any person qualified to register as a voter has the right to challenge an applicant’s eligibility on the grounds that the applicant does not satisfy one or more of the following requirements:
Have attained Ghanaian citizenship and/or nationality by Birth, Descent, Registration, Naturalization, or other methods stated in the Citizenship Act, 2000.

  • Have attained the age of 18 or above on the qualifying date
  • Person is of sound mind
  • Person is a resident in the polling division.
  • Person is not otherwise disqualified to be registered as a voter by any law for the time being in force.

The Commission treats all complaints and suspicious activity reports very seriously. Report the complain to an official of the Electoral Commission.

To file a complaint, report the incident to a Commissioner official. He or she will make a record of the complaint and can either resolve the matter to your satisfaction or refer the matter to the next higher officer of the Commission for further action.

It is important to keep a watchful eye on all your identifying documents including the Voters ID Card. Remember, you need your Voters ID card for easy identification on election day. However you will be allowed to vote without your ID card on election day due to the availability of the fingerprint/facial verification process.

Any person who loses his or her voter ID card will within 7 days of becoming aware of the loss report the loss in person to the district officer in his district.

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