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History of the commission

The Commission strives to express the will of the people by conducting free, fair, and honest elections. We were formed to supervise electoral proceedings and guard against electoral fraud. Learn more about our history and the people behind it.

Before 1968, the Minister of Local Government was responsible for the conduct of elections in the country. There were a lot of complaints of lack of transparency and fairness in the conduct of electoral process, which resulted in the setting up of a Committee of inquiry into Local Government and Electoral Reforms after the 1966 military take over.

It was in 1968 that the Interim Electoral Commission was set up as an independent body responsible for registration of Voters and the conduct and supervision of elections.

This was a result of recommendations made by the Siriboe Committee of Enquiry into Local Government and Electoral Reforms in 1968.

Mr Justice V.C.R.A.C. Crabbe was appointed the Interim Commissioner in 1968 and under his supervision; the Commission conducted the 1969 elections. Then after, the Commission was made a permanent institution in 1971. Mr Justice Crabbe went back to the Bench and Mr G.A.K. Bonsu, who was then the Secretary to the Commission, was made the Electoral Commissioner in 1971.