How To Vote

When  you go to your voting location you should bring along your voter registration card. Once the election official has processed your documentation they will present you with your ballot.

Your ballot contains the list of candidates running for election in your electoral district. To vote for a candidate you mark your ballot in secret behind a voting privacy screen. To mark your ballot all you need to do is thumbprint  beside the name of the candidate you would like to vote for. Then, return to the election official and place your ballot in the ballot box.

Voting Steps

On election day, go to the Polling Station with your Voter ID card and join the queue if any. Please don’t jump the queue

A polling assistant will check your particulars in the name reference list

A verification officer will verify your identity as a registered voter with the verification machine.

You will be issued with a Presidential Ballot paper. Please check to see if it has no marks on it.Also ensure it has the validating stamp.

Make your way to the Voting Booth and thumbprint (correctly) your choice of candidate.

Cast your vote in the Presidential Ballot Box. Please make sure it’s the right box

Proceed to the next Polling Assistant for a Parliamentary Ballot Paper

Proceed to the Parliamentary Voting Booth and thumbprint (correctly) your choice of MP

Cast your ballot in the Parliamentary Voting Box. Again make sure, it’s in the right box or it will be rejected.

Please leave the Polling Station after voting. You can return at 5pm for the count.

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