Political Entities

Political Parties may be founded to further purposes which are not contrary to the constitution and the laws of the Republic. Subject to the constitution and this Act, every citizen of voting age has the right to form or join a political party.

No political party shall be formed on ethnic, gender, religious, regional, professional or other sectional divisions, or which uses words, slogans or symbols which could arouse ethnic, gender, regional, professional or other sectional divisions.

A political party is formed on ethnic, gender, religious, regional, professional or other, sectional divisions if its membership or leadership is restricted to members of any particular community, region, ethnic group, gender, religious faith or profession, or if its structure and mode of operation are not national in character


An application to register a political party will be named to the commission and will be accompanied with

  • A copy of the constitution and the rules or regulations, if any, of the political party duly signed by the interim national chairman or leader and the interim national or general secretary of the party.
  • The written names and addresses of its national officers. A full description of the identifying symbols, slogans, and colours, if any of the political party
  • The registration fee and such other particulars as the commission may reasonably require.


A political party should be registered and should pay in respect of the registration such as the Electoral Commission shall by constitutional instrument determined

A political party will upon registration under this Act be a body corporate with perpetual succession and a common seal, may sue and be sued in its corporate name, and shall have the power to acquire, hold, manage or dispose of movable or immovable property and enter into any contract or other transaction as any legal person

The commission will, not later than seven days after the receipt of the application, issue to the political party a provisional certificate of registration and shall cause a notice of the application to be published in the gazette after receipt, inviting objections from any person, concerning the name, aim, objects, constitution, rules, symbols, slogans and colours of the party.


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