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The Electoral Commission of Ghana established by Articles 43, 44, 45 and 46 of the 1992 Constitution, and Act 451 - The Electoral Commission Act, 1993, has a legal requirement to publish the provisional Voters Register on its website.

The Commission is required to display the provisional register of voters of each polling station for public inspection at the registration centre for the period that the Commission specifies by notice in the Gazette and the media. The intent of the exhibition is:

  1. Registered voters can ascertain that their voter's identification card has the same particulars as the provisional register of voters,
  2. Person whose application for registration during the registration period was accepted but whose name and other particulars do not appear in the provisional voters register may make claim to be entered in the provisional register, and
  3. A person entitled to be registered as a voter may object to a person whose name appears in the provisional register of voters on the ground that the person is not qualified to be registered as a voter.

[ ] As such, I affirm that:

  • I am accessing the Voters Register for one or more of the intentions listed above.
  • I will use the online publication of the Voters Register only the purpose for which it is intended.
  • I will protect Voters Register data I access by ensuring it is not downloaded, printed, copied or replicated in any manner.
  • I will be the sole person utilizing the generated token to access the Voters Register, and will ensure that the token is not used by any other person.

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